Hi, I’m Cathy Gray

A Digital Marketing Maestro
and Adventure Aficionado

I Craft a World Where Coffee Guides Both Code and Compass.

About Cathy Gray

My philosophy is straightforward but meaningful:
life’s about striking that perfect balance bewtween working hard and seizing every adventure. And of course always making room for a great cup of coffee.

It’s finding harmony where my career and my passion for the great outdoors enrich each other, much like coffee in morning that’s both comforting and invigorating.

To me, a balanced life isn’t just an ideal; it’s a daily practice, where work enhances life’s quality without overshadowing the joys of leisure and exploration.

Coffee, in all its simplicity, mirrors this balance, a gentle nudge to savor every moment and pursue passions with a spirited heart and a little caffeine to fuel the journey.

With work and adventure, there is a sense of the unknown until it’s conquered. Each fuels the other and it’s a great feeling when I’ve accomplished something new in either realm.

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Marketing and Adventure

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For work, I do eCommerce and digital marketing that’s influenced with my background in operations and curiosity to find solutions.

Here you’ll find insights on what I do to helpful business tips and strategy.


I’m typically on the go during the weekend with my four legged friend Sam, who is just happy to join the car ride.

On any given weekend you’ll catch us kayaking, camping, hiking or some other exhilirating activity with friends or family.


Here I share foodie reviews, general life goals, motivational inspiration, easy and flavorful recipies, and other life aspects that are worth talking about. 

My Guides

These guides cover life, adventure and marketing, with some being transferrable between work and life, creating a harmonious balance.

Need Short or Long Term Work

If you need assisted with a project, whether it’s a few weeks or months, reach out and we can work out the details.